LuckyPoint Inc. is a gaming technology company. 

LuckyPoint's Services & Platform

The LuckyPoint Platform combines the features of a complete, certified, and proven RGS with a social and skill-based gaming platform that enables developers to create both traditional casino games and the next generation of real-money games.

LuckyPoint Remote Gaming Server

  • Integrated with multiple aggregators through LuckyPoint's Pitboss mediation layer.
  • Includes a certified RNG.
  • Robust back office for revenue reporting and detailed round information.
  • Includes unique social gaming infrastructure for tracking non-certified game features such as leaderboards, XP/level progress, collectibles and achievements. 
  • Contains a collection of game engines for traditional slots and skill-based RNG games. 

Custom Game Development

  • The game design and development team at LuckyPoint has developed hundreds of web and mobile games over the past 10 years.
  • In the casino space, LuckyPoint has developed over a dozen traditional slots and RNG-based skill games for online and land based casinos.
  • The team develops both online and landbased games in HTML5, Unity, Godot, and many other platforms.
  • The LP RGS is built using Golang, though the team has developed game services in Python and Java as well.

LuckyPoint RGS Core Features

LuckyPoint RNG
Certified random number generated (UK) compliant with NIST HMAC_DRBG using SHA256, as described in NIST Special Publication 800-90A Revision 1.

Skill Game Engine
LuckyPoint’s proprietary game engine for delivering secure, skill-based, real-money arcade games.

With integrations on all of the current wallet providers, operators can grant promotional free rounds (PFRs) to players for games on the LuckyPoint platform.

LuckyPoint’s aggregator and wallet transaction layer for all external wallets and reporting.

LuckyPoint Client Library
A suite of tools for game developers to use that allow them to embed marketing messages, achievements, leaderboards and more into their games.

The Coordinator
Server messaging system that allows game providers to pass events from their games to a variety of third- party analytics and promotional tools.

The Cage
Real-time currency conversion and reporting tool for all games and aggregator wallets integrated with the LuckyPoint platform.

Back Office
Financial insights on game performance and platform health tools and monitoring.

About Us

LuckyPoint Inc. was spun off from HitPoint Studios, a successful game developer and publisher based in Greenfield, Massachusetts. LuckyPoint’s team is expert in real-time multiplayer games and is expanding its tools and technology to the fast-growing casino gaming industry.

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